No Good, Really Bad Day

Today was not a step in the right direction for me.

It started off alright with a typical family Easter. There was a lot of good food, great family time, much-needed wedding planning …. but then it happened…

Someone in my family posted a photo to Facebook that showed me in it from the family occasion. I was sitting in a chair, holding a beer, and looking (dare I say) chubbier than I have ever seen myself (even though I gained 55 lbs. from a thyroid condition 4 years ago and this is not anything new) and bright red from an unwanted sunburn.

I then proceeded to spend the two-hour car ride home with my fiancé in an acute state of depression and googling on my phone how to lose weight, 6 months before a wedding, while being hypothyroid due to not having one anymore (RAI).

Let’s just say, it is not a proud moment for myself and I feel extremely terrible that my fiancé had to listen, try to calm down, and help find solutions to the rotations between crying, getting mad, and feeling hopeless. Thank God for him because he sure does put up with a lot from me.

So overall, let’s just say, this was a no good, very bad day.


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