Who am I?

Hello there. 

My name is Shelly and I’ve decided to start a blog in order to track my progress in what I am calling The Path To Loving Me. 

I have found myself in a place where I am not currently happy with myself and I want to change that. I’ve always found comfort in writing so why not incorporate this in my transition into a better state of wellness. 

Wellness is something that is subdivided into multiple categories: mental, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, and occupational. All of which are parts of my life that I feel as though could use some improvement and with positive change in each category, will eventually come a better state of happiness and self love.

Overall, I am hoping to showcase the different parts of my life and how I am working to improve them with the hopes of having insight and encouragement from whoever out there may be listening and ultimately learn to love myself again. I know that my happiness must come from within and I am willing to work as hard as it takes to find that happiness again.


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